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        This is Project Disrupt 2.0

        This is Project Disrupt 2.0

        26 February 2020

        'Disruption' is a word often misconstrued and overused in our industry. Usually in relation to brash or (worse) edgy design. But shouting louder than everyone else isn't disruptive – it's just noise. We think brands that really disrupt, do so by questioning the status quo in order to answer a genuine need. (Think Tesla, Monzo, Netflix...)

        So we decided to question and get a little (a lot) disruptive.

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        Splitting the agency into three teams, we tackled the taboos around death, money and old age, to create three purposeful, brands in three complacent categories: funeral care, pensions and over 50s holidays.

        Conceptual brands backed my real consumer insight, thanks to our friends at market research agency, Relish.

        Our final case studies are now live! You can see them here and find out a bit more on our founder, Simon Forster's, thoughts behind Project Disrupt on Creative Boom, here.

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