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        Awesome Merchandise Brand Articulation / Brand Evolution / Brand Narrative / Comms Strategy

        Enabling Awesomeness


        The Brief

        Make us even more awesome to even more entrepreneurs, musicians and creative makers.

        The Opportunity

        Simply identify and amplify the essence of Awesome's enthusiastic, enabling and unexpected approach and position them as facilitators of others people’s awesomeness.

        We created the Awesome brand with plenty of flex, developing a suite of secondary logos and icons to support an identity that's distinctly business in the front, party in the back.

        Am Refresh 1 Am Refresh 2 Am Refresh 3

        The Result:

        Revenue up 100% within 2 years

        Am Refresh 4

        We developed a hand-painted font with two weights – 'Awesome Headline' and 'Awesome Body'.

        Am Refresh 7 Am Refresh 8

        We compiled the ins and outs of Awesome into a cohesive guidelines document, covering everything from brand identity, personality and tone of voice to fonts, photography and comms templates.

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        Am Refresh 15
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        Am Refresh 19
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