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        1 Coop Baby3200X2000

        Co-op Defining Opportunity / Brand Evolution

        Bouncing with pride


        The Brief

        Give our customers a credible own-label alternative and encourage new parents to shop the range as their little ones grow.

        The Opportunity

        Baby care was out of touch, failing to care for the new type of parent who we identified as mostly millennial. Forgoing the ‘me too,’ busy and sanitised pack style we brought a little lifestyle to baby care and focused on the reality of parenting.

        2 Coop Baby3200X2000

        Age suggestive, story book style illustrations offer something totally different to the baby care category, in place of the unrealistic ideals projected by other brands.

        3 Coop Baby3200X2000 4 Coop Baby3200X2000
        7 Coop Baby3200X2000
        11 Coop Baby3200X2000 12 Coop Baby3200X2000

        We worked with Jim Field, award-winning illustrator of children's titles 'The Lion Inside' and 'Oi Dog', to flout category cues in favour of characters that appealed to both parent and child.

        5 Coop Baby3200X2000
        6 Coop Baby3200X2000 10 Coop Baby3200X2000

        We created our own patterns for the nappies so they feel as confident on bottoms as packs do on shelf.

        2 Coop Baby 1592X2000 3 Coop Baby 1592X2000 8 Coop Baby3200X2000 9 Coop Baby3200X2000
        10 Coop Babybefore3200X2000
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