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        Electric Ink Defining Opportunity / Brand Creation / Brand Narrative / Brand World

        Making our mark


        The Brief

        We've got a range of men's shower care that we want to compete with big brands.

        The Opportunity

        There wasn't one – at first. Our client's brief was never going to compete against big budget competition but we saw someone we wanted to work with, with knowledge and contacts in a category we wanted to work in. We also had an idea: target the 30% of the western population with tattoos, with no beauty products to call their own, and create a brand just for them. It went global in 6 months.

        01 Electric Ink Family Shot

        Our design blends the efficacy of health and beauty with the authentic tattoo subculture.

        09 Electric Ink Iso

        We collaborated with artist Tom Gilmour to bring Electric Ink to life. His hand-drawn, black and white flash sheet illustration style brings credibility and desirability to the brand.

        Electricink Giftbox 3
        1 Electric Ink Posters

        Gilmour’s illustrations help build a bigger world off pack, creating a distinctive look across communications and merchandise.

        3 Electric Ink Skateboard 6 Electric Ink Delivery Box

        A lifestyle brand as much as it is skincare, social media is where Electric Ink lives and breathes, connecting with its followers through an unapologetic and evangelical tone of voice.

        2 Electric Ink Cap 3 Electric Ink Tee
        5 Electric Ink Social Update
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