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        itsdogfood.com Defining Opportunity / Brand Creation / Brand Narrative / Brand World

        Taking the lead in a barking category


        The Brief

        People are trading up to better quality dog food and by cutting out the middle man with a D2C format, we’ve been able to make it more accessible. We’d like you to create the brand.

        The Opportunity

        To justify their high prices itsdogfood.com’s competitors are patronising and guilt-tripping consumers. Without this barrier of price, we saw the opportunity to position itsdogfood.com as a straight-talking antidote to the category, speaking to a huge group of people who see dogs as dogs, not ancestral wolves or fur babies.

        • Our strategic approach was to address the industry head-on. We positioned itsdogfood.com to speak to rational thinkers and developed strong messaging at the core of the brand.
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        To bring to life a brand with messaging at its core, we hand-painted a bespoke typeface full of bold but playful personality, brought out by developing multiple variants for each character.

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        We suggested digital applications from website content to social and created a comprehensive brand guidelines.

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        As the final point of contact with the brand is tangible packs, we designed them to carry through and build on the experience of the brand in an offline environment.

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