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        Kiplingaus Logo

        Mr Kipling Brand Evolution

        From Brit classic to global icon


        The Brief

        Introduce Mr Kipling to a whole new audience of millennials in the US and Australia as the go-to treat of choice.

        The Opportunity

        Although a much beloved brand at home in the UK, no preconceptions in these new markets meant we could knock the nostalgia angle on its head and get to the heart of the product proposition.

        Front of pack focusses on establishing Mr Kipling’s creations as icons in their own right, backed up by a strong and simple brand mark.

        Kiplingaus Group
        Kiplingaus Bakewell Kiplingaus Bakewellpattern
        Kiplingaus Bakewell

        Bright and fresh pastels were inspired by the patisseries of Europe.

        Kiplingaus Fancies
        Kiplingaus Whirls

        Mr Kipling could compete on quality in both markets so we chose to hero the cakes on the front of pack, accompanied by shots of prominent ingredients wherever possible.

        Kiplingaus Photography
        Mrkiplingaus Festive 6 Mrkiplingaus Festive 4 Mrkiplingaus Festive 5

        For seasonal products, we ramped up the personality — introducing a different photography style and seasonal design elements to give a clear point of difference to the year round range.

        Mrkiplingaus Festive 1 Mrkiplingaus Festive 2 Mrkiplingaus Festive 3
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