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        01 Klask Master Pack Shot

        Klask Brand Evolution

        Hands on fun


        The Brief

        Klask has grown so much in just 4 years and now we're extending our range with a new four-player version. A consistent look has to be our priority across all markets.

        The Opportunity

        Klask is a game of quick hands and quicker thinking but the previous design wasn’t doing enough to capture the fun and energy of gameplay. We wanted to engage Klask's loyal following with an identity that could speak to a global community and introduce a more coherent brand experience for players old and new.

        02 Klask Logo Before After

        Some Klask fans love this epic magnetic battle so much, they've gone so far as to tattoo the brand on themselves - so a recognisable mark was a key consideration. The hand-drawn logo was developed as a natural progression with stand out and legibility (a subtle update in respect of inked Klaskers everywhere).

        03 Klask Illustrations
        04 Klask T Shirt Back Print 05 Klask Blue Tee Backprint

        With tactility and movement so inherent in the brand, the hand-drawn feel of the logo was instilled across all assets and photography was introduced to bring the game to life on pack.

        06 Klask Game Board
        07 Klask Hand With Counter 08 Klask Klask Striker Render

        A suite of fun, informative illustrations was created for both on and off-pack to help simplify instructions and guide Klask’s global community.

        08 Klask Instructions
        10 Klask Klask Parts Bag 11 Klask Klask Spares
        12 Klask Mid Game
        13 Klask Box Before
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