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        BrewDog Brand evolution

        Beers gone wild


        The Brief

        We want a stand-out design to help get more people interested in sour beers.

        The Opportunity

        BrewDog are all about making good beer more accessible and sour beers have been out of reach for a long time. For their punchy and wild new brews we seized the chance for a range design as elevated as it is electric – reflecting the slow magic of the sour brewing process.

        0000 Ow Full Line Up

        When brewing sour beer, the usual rules are thrown out the window – the untamed and temperamental nature of the sours’ informed the design process.

        0001 Ow Front Close Up 0002 Ow Back Close Up

        Dense, brightly coloured collages mash together the raw beauty of rural Scottish landscapes with psychedelic, celestial imagery that sets taste buds tingling.

        0008 Ow Raspberry Slider 0004 Ow Cherry Slider 0006 Ow Pear Slider 0005 Ow Peach Slider 0009 Ow Tropical Slider 0007 Ow Quince Slider

        This eclectic imagery is held together by the OverWorks mark, overlayed front and centre in a high build spot varnish.

        0003 Ow Bottle Glass
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