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        1_Groupshot Lead

        Clearly Drinks Brand Creation / Brand Narrative

        Bringing sparkle to the everyday


        The Brief

        We're used to bottling products for other brands and own label. We want to create a new brand of sparkling flavoured water at an everyday premium price point.

        The Opportunity

        Revitalise a confusing category and raise the middle ground to new heights by creating a brand that's as refreshingly grown-up as it is aspirational.

        2_Can Grapefruit Bergamot Can Cucumber Mint Can Pomegranate Lime

        These drinks offer a little moment of respite from busy everyday life, so we designed cans that would elevate moments as well as entice people in.

        We developed an evocative illustrative style, to bring out the distinctive flavours within the cans.

        6_U Illustration Animation
        7_Upstream 1600X2000 Fizz Shot 8_Upstream 1600X2000 T Shirt Mural

        Contained within a U-shape frame, the cans are an instant classic that signal premium without the price tag.

        9_Posters Lineup
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